14 elokuuta 2006

Äiti ja isä

In July, my parents came to visit and we decided to spend one day in Porkkalanniemi again. If you remember a previous post, this is a very interesting place.

As you see we took it easy (especially Anne)

We had a very nice day just walking about and having a laugh.

My father, a big fan of Sibelius, got a photo at the Sibelius monument in Helsinki

In our program for visitors we have the traditional trip to Tallin too

They enjoyed the old town and did a lot of shopping.
And the usual question... who's next? : )

13 elokuuta 2006


Moi! by the end of last May we got visitors (Fiona & Xosé María) and this gave us the excuse to spend a long weekend in a mökki (cabin) by a lake in the Padasjoki area

As you see the cabin was very well equiped

The laituri (pier) was excellent for sun bathing after the compulsory dipping into the lake to refresh from the sauna

Grilling is a must in these circumstances too

Next day we took a taxi-boat and headed towards the largest island in the Päijänne national park.

The place is really beautiful.

Isn't it?

Late May is also an excellent time to look at diving birds

Zola enjoyed the excursion as well, although it was a little hesitant to swim

We enjoyed some grilled sausages and a nap. So well my friends... who's next? : )