26 maaliskuuta 2006

Fancy a swim?

Why not? Let's go to the avanto (hole in the ice) and have a swim. No kidding, this is something worth trying. But today we didn't swim, we went to the Seurasaari (the island of company) to enjoy a bit of fresh air. Two wonderful days in a row.

But as you see one doesn't go to the Island but around it. As I call it, that's the Jesus Christ way (walking on the sea, no offense). Yep, all the people in the photo are on the sea.

It is nice to have a different perspective of the island and see the places you usually see from the shore. Beautiful.

Look at the guy on the left, he´s topping Jesus... skiing on the sea. Moses would be speechless (ehem, no offense again)

A coup of hot tea? Anne is enjoying it. She's a sensible Finnish girl well prepared for these chilly excursions. Meanwhile, I take good care of Zola, or is it the other way round?

What can I say? I love this fresh and pure air, the wide horizon and the massive sky. Sometimes I think if I'd jump I'd leave the planet.

25 maaliskuuta 2006

Spanish Civil War

Today a friend pointed me out an article in the newspaper "El Paí­s". The article (in Spanish) explains that this year are coming out several books about the Spanish Civil War. It seems that these recent contributions are unveiling interesting points as the struggle during 1938 between Socialists and communists on the one side, and the nationalists (PNV and ERC) on the other side. Or, in turn, that the Soviet Union was also reluctant to support the republican side fearing an anarchist revolution. Although the information is not new, the renovated interest may contribute to a more objective vision of this episode of our recent history. It definitely explains many facts and attitudes still present in contemporary Spain. Worth giving a try to the book "The Spanish Civil War: a very short introduction" by Helen Graham. Very good set of Robert Capa´s photographs about the Spanish war At the Magnum Site, just type "Spanish Civil War" in the search box.

A sunny day

Today there is a wonderful morning in my neighbourhood, Kallio, one of the most lively areas in Helsinki.
I went for a walk to enjoy this beautiful day, lots of people walking on the frozen sea and sitting on the benches to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Even if the thermometer reads -4 celsius it feels quite warm today.
It takes long for the spring to get here and days like this makes you feel that it will arrive after all.

As you see I´m not the only one waiting for the spring

the trees are looking forward too...