26 maaliskuuta 2006

Fancy a swim?

Why not? Let's go to the avanto (hole in the ice) and have a swim. No kidding, this is something worth trying. But today we didn't swim, we went to the Seurasaari (the island of company) to enjoy a bit of fresh air. Two wonderful days in a row.

But as you see one doesn't go to the Island but around it. As I call it, that's the Jesus Christ way (walking on the sea, no offense). Yep, all the people in the photo are on the sea.

It is nice to have a different perspective of the island and see the places you usually see from the shore. Beautiful.

Look at the guy on the left, he´s topping Jesus... skiing on the sea. Moses would be speechless (ehem, no offense again)

A coup of hot tea? Anne is enjoying it. She's a sensible Finnish girl well prepared for these chilly excursions. Meanwhile, I take good care of Zola, or is it the other way round?

What can I say? I love this fresh and pure air, the wide horizon and the massive sky. Sometimes I think if I'd jump I'd leave the planet.

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