24 helmikuuta 2010

Helsinki looks

For a sense of Helsinki's street fashion have a look at Hel looks. The pictures are taken in the streets and clubs of Helsinki from July 2005 onwards.
Pa facese una idea de lo que se lleva na calle en Helsinki echái una güeyada a Hel looks. Les fotos tan sacaes nes calles y chiringos de Helsinki de 2005 palantre.

11 helmikuuta 2010

Tunnista autot lumen alta

It hasn't stopped snowing for weeks. As Maria said, first one has to find out which car is under the pile of snow. Click on the photo and you'll go to the Helsingin Sanomat site where the same photo is an interactive gallery. Have fun!
Lleva selmanes nevando en sin parar. Como comentó María, lo primero ye saber qué coche hai embaxu la nieve. Calca na foto y dirás a la páxina del Helsingin Sanomat onde la mesma foto ye una galería interactiva. Pasáilo bien!