22 syyskuuta 2008


Asturies is a cider country. We pour the cider as shown in the photo and explained here. There are even pouring contests, where the participants get points for the style, precision and time spent on pouring one bottle
Pa que nun faltara'l tipismu nes vacaciones tambiém fuimos a ver un concursu d'escanciadores na Plaza Mayor de Xixón y el record anual d'escanciáu na playa Poniente

You have 60 seconds to pour the bottle and get five glasses, which should have 12 cl of cider each

Every year the city council of Xixón arranges a gathering on the beach to break the Guiness record of "number of people throwing sider simultaneously". It's fun but I guess there is not much competence elsewhere in the world :)

Even though the weather was pretty bad...

... still 7.077 people showed up, new record

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